The Royal Scottish Academy of Art and Architecture

Exhibition Details

The Royal Scottish Academy of Art and Architecture
RSA Annual Exhibition - OPEN ART 2021

Call to Artists

Open to all forms of fine art.

Entry Deadline: 03 February 2021 5pm

Key Dates

Online Application deadline: Wednesday 3 February 2021, 5pm

Pre-Selection announced: Sunday 28 February 2021, from midday

Hand-in of works Wednesday: 17 – Sunday 21 March 2021, 10am – 4.30pm *

Final selection announced: Wednesday 24 March 2021, from midday

Collect unselected works: Saturday 27 – Monday 29 March, 10am - 4.30pm *

Exhibition open to public: Saturday 3 April - Sunday 9 May 2021

Collect unsold work: Thursday 13 - Saturday 15 May 2021, 10am – 4.30pm *

*Please note: due to social distancing requirements and limited vehicle access all delivery/collection of works will be at pre-arranged times on the dates given. A schedule to book your delivery/collection slot will be sent out to relevent artists in advance. 

Entry Pricing

Standard Prices
Maximum Artwork Entries: 2
First or Single Entry Price: £15.00
Additional Entries: £15.00 per artwork up to 2 artworks.

Maximum Artwork Entries: 2
First or Single Entry Price: £10.00
Additional Entries: £10.00 per artwork up to 2 artworks.

Exhibition Entry Information


Although we fully intend to install and open this exhibition as scheduled I am sure you appreciate we face an unpredictable future due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Our first priority is the safety of our staff, exhibitors and visitors and we will continue to follow the most up-to-date advice from the Scottish Government and react accordingly. It is important to note that we may be forced to make amendments to the exhibition as currently planned if new restrictions are introduced. We will continue to keep our website and guidelines update to reflect the most current restrictions on the run up to this exhibition and we thank you for your understanding in these circumstances.



Artists may submit up to TWO work of any size.

All works submitted for exhibition are considered by the RSA Council and Hanging Committee whose decision to accept or reject is final. Feedback is not provided on individual submissions and the panel will not enter into discussions nor make any exceptions on the final selection. 
No reproductions of any kind and no works that have already been exhibited at the RSA, or any other exhibition in the RSA building, can be submitted. 

Applied art will not be accepted. No work made from ivory or in any way involving the use of ivory will be accepted.


Deadline: Wednesday 3 February 2021, 5pm

Artists must register and submit their work online at
Applications must be completed before the deadline. After this date you will not be able to make changes to your online submission and new entries will not be accepted. Please remember your log in details! 

ONE image per work is required, however up to three images showing different angles can be submitted. Please provide good quality images that will do justice to your work and that adhere to the specifications noted on the submission site. We recommend JPG files of around 1600 pixels wide and 2MB in size.  

An Entry Fee (inclusive of VAT) is required for each work: Artists £15 per work / Students £10 per work.

Payment is made online during the application process by debit or credit card. Submissions will not be accepted without payment and refunds will not be offered for works not selected or handed in, or applications not completed by the deadline. 

In line with other exhibiting societies please note there is also a £10 hanging fee for each work hung in the exhibition to be paid on the Hand In days. Any works not included in the final selection will be refunded this hanging fee. 

Pre-selection results: Sunday 28 February 2021, from midday

Artists must log back into their account on the submission site from midday on Sunday 28 February to find out if submitted works have been pre-selected for the exhibition. 

Hand in for pre-selected work: Wednesday 17/Thursday 18/Friday 19/Saturday 20 March, 10am – 4.30pm

Pre-selected works must be delivered to the rear door of the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, EH2 2EL (facing the Scottish National Gallery on the Mound). Artists may not hand in different or substitute works to those that have been pre-selected. Works must be unwrapped before handing to RSA staff and all packing must be removed from the gallery. Work will not be received out with the stated hours. 

Due to extremely limited vehicle access at the rear of the building and social distancing requirements, arrivals must be staggered and times strictly adhered to. A schedule will be sent out to all pre-selected artists to book a delivery slot. 

Final selection notification: Wednesday 24 March 2021, from midday

Artists must log into their account for final confirmation. If your work has not been selected for the exhibition you must collect, or arrange uplift of, your work on Saturday 27/Sunday 28/Monday 29 March, 10am – 4.30pm. As above, a schedule will be sent out to all pre-selected artists to book a collection time slot. 


Exhibition Labels will be posted to pre-selected artists and will also be available at the RSA on Hand-in day. 

Each work handed in must be accompanied by an RSA Label. Labels should be SECURELY attached to each work with string which is taped or stapled to the back of the work. The string should be long enough for the label to hang over the front of the work. For sculptures or unusually shaped works please affix the label in the most convenient way possible.

Each label is in three sections - A, B and ARTIST RECEIPT - all of which must be clearly completed in full in BLOCK CAPITALS. A permanent label or other identification should also be affixed to the back of each work and, if possible, to each piece of sculpture, giving the artist’s name, title of work and price. 

Failure to comply with these requirements in full can lead to rejection of the work. 



Pre-selected work not hung in the exhibition: Saturday 27/Sunday 28/Monday 29 March, 10am – 4.30pm (at pre-arranged times)

Unsold work after the exhibition closes: Thursday 13/Friday 14/Saturday 15 May, 10am – 4.30pm (at pre-arranged times)    

We do not have any storage at the RSA and therefore artists must uplift their works on the dates given. 

Any works not collected will incur a storage fee to be paid by the artist. After 2 weeks the work will become property of the RSA and may subsequently be disposed of. No work, once placed, can be removed until the close of the exhibition without a special order from the Council. By completing the online registration process, the artist accepts this condition as a binding agreement whereby ownership of the uncollected works is relinquished by him/her and transferred absolutely to the RSA.



Framed and unframed work will be accepted. Frames must have no hanging mechanisms attached when delivered. All works will be mirror plated by the RSA hanging team. Works which cannot be mirror plated must be delivered with instructions for hanging and any specialist fittings that their weight or particular materials require. Work with inadequate or unstable frames may be rejected on these grounds. Clip frames will not be accepted.



Original prints are encouraged; however reproductions of existing artworks in other media will not be accepted. If further works from an edition are available, please note the framed and unframed prices and number available for sale on the online application form. 



Plinths/shelves for sculptures must be supplied with the work on the hand in days or the work will be rejected. Plinths must be stable and an appropriate size for the work. The RSA reserves the right to paint plinths unless expressly prohibited by the artists. Works whose stability, materials or method of construction could present a hazard to the viewing public may be rejected on these grounds. Works with moving parts or utilising electrical/mechanical elements must comply with health and safety regulations and be PAT tested. A composite work must be accompanied by clear instructions for assembly.



For the purpose of selection, artists working in film or digital media should submit a link to Vimeo, YouTube, or other suitable website during the submission process for the selection panel to view their work online. 

Pre-selected artists must supply all electronic AV equipment (and plinths/shelves if necessary) with set up instructions for the exhibition unless otherwise stated by the RSA. All equipment must be PAT tested.



All works should be for sale. All sales made from the exhibition are subject to 40% commission + VAT (charged on the amount of commission only). The price of work shown on the online submission form and Labels is the total price payable by the purchaser. Artists registered for VAT must enter their VAT number on the online submission form. Where editions of work (prints, sculptural casts, etc.) are available for sale, artists are asked to enter the appropriate information (framed and unframed prices, number in edition, number available for sale) on the online submission form. The artist will have to arrange for the framing and delivery of any additional framed prints sold (the RSA will not charge commission on the framing premium). 

Any private sale of the work (including editions) must immediately be intimated to the Sales Agent, otherwise a sale made through the RSA shall have precedence. No editions of works should be sent by the artist to a purchaser until the RSA has confirmed that the price has been paid in full. In addition, any private sale made out with, but as a direct result of, the exhibition should also be acknowledged, whereupon the relevant commission will be charged. 



Under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 it is the general rule that in the absence of any agreement to the contrary, copyright of a work of art belongs to the artist or his/her heirs and assigns. By submitting work, unless contacted by the artist in writing to say otherwise, the artist grants the RSA permission to photograph and/or film the submitted works for press and marketing purposes, including the right to free reproduction for any catalogue, poster, website or other non-commercial promotional material in connection with the exhibition. 



If a work is lost, damaged or destroyed during the exhibition period, the Gallery shall notify the Artist immediately and shall be liable to pay the Artist the agreed selling price less the agreed commission. Works shall be insured whilst at the Gallery premises only. No insurance cover will be given to works while in transit to or from the Gallery or after the stated collection dates. 

Fragile works must be appropriately labelled and unframed mounted prints/photography must come with corner protectors. Unframed 2D works and works of a temporary or ephemeral nature will remain at the risk of the artist and will not be covered by insurance. Works will be assessed for condition on delivery to the galleries. 

By completing the online registration process for the RSA Annual Exhibition - Open Art 2021, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accept the Terms & Conditions laid out in these regulations. 


To download a copy of the Regulations, FAQs and Information for International Exhibitors please visit the Opportunities page on our website.


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